Instagram Drives Restaurant Trends and Experiences


Interesting story in Wired on how chefs are using Instagram to promote their food, restaurants (and themselves!). I have checked my 3 favorite NYC restaurants (Narcissa, Freeman’s and Roberta’s) and only Roberta’s has a really significant Instagram account with 16.8K followers (pic below).

Highlights from the Wired story include:

There are more than 178 million photos tagged #food on Instagram and 56 million tagged #foodporn.

Chefs say that a shot of a new dish posted to their own accounts, or a diner’s, can cause reservations to spike.

Many chefs have accountsDominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn, San Fran) has more than 13K followers, Bobby Flay has 128K – and also posts a lot of video from Gato, Dominique Ansel (of cronut fame) has 113K, Mario Batali has 169K, and Jamie Oliver has 2.9 million.

Instagram makes trends. Chefs watch each other, drawing inspiration and ideas. What is Rene Redzepi (136K followers) doing at Noma? And even checking how many likes there are on individual posts provides good insights into what is resonating with people.

Check out instagram posts from the chefs below.


Waygu beef – looks fabulous

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 3.58.19 PM

This is delicious – altho i have them hold the egg (makes me squeamish)


Batali’s posts are mainly his friends, family and lifestyle – he doesn’t spend too much time in his kitchens


jamie oliver is learning about the local cuisine of costa rica. he also has a post of him cooking for the oldest man on the island (106!!)


from Noma – one of the top restaurants in the world


Roberta’s does a great job with their instagram account to keep their many fans in the loop on new menu items, fun activities, pop-ups etc.

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