Amazing to see real-time research in action: It’s the future!!


I just discovered Instantly, the first on-demand consumer insights platform for researchers and marketers. I am definitely late to the game (they were founded in 2008) but love their blog and highly recommend it for those of you in research and marketing.

They came across my radar through a webinar they hosted with Food Business News and Phil Lempert (The Supermarket Guru). Their message resonated with me because I agree that to be successful today you have to be agile, hyper-responsive, and laser-focused on what’s next.

Read below for more on their services and the new tools they are developing for concept testing, in-market product evaluations and rapidly collecting shopper and product insights.

Instantly offers Instantly Concept Test, an on-line tool for early-stage assessment of new product and promotion ideas, and Instantly Product Watch, in which consumers are invited to take photos of new products on retail shelves and answer a survey.

Instantly has access to consumers during the shopping experience as well as before the shopping experience, according to Justin Wheeler, vice-president of product innovation for the company.

The Instantly Product Watch tool allows the company to receive more than 8,800 product evaluations per day. The company gives consumers new products to find in stores and asks them to take photographs as well as give feedback on the products, which consumers are seeing for the first time.

The Instantly Concept Test tool saves time and money as it fields consumer research on individual product ideas in a few days, which compares to a few weeks for traditional concept testing. Companies thus more quickly may identify winners and losers among their new product ideas and then move on to the next testing phase.






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