Is it true? Nobody cooks anymore?


According to Quartz, “retail sales at U.S. eating and drinking establishments have outrun those of grocery stores over the last year.” For the first time ever!

It made me curious about my spending – since despite my best efforts – I eat out A LOT. So I checked my spending for the last 6 months and found that I spend 5 times as much on restaurants as I do buying groceries…..

  • Grocery stores (primarily Whole Foods): $1968.45
  • Restaurants: $10,316.03

When I do shop at Whole Foods, however, I am buying raw ingredients to actually cook vs. buying prepared meals which have grown by 30% since 2008 (per NPD Group). I’m also not into meal kits (e.g. Blue Apron) although many of my friends find them incredibly convenient. Seems wasteful to me – but I’m clearly in the minority since meal kits have become a $1.5 billion industry.

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