Is Whole Foods Being Turned Into a Hard Discounter?


Anyone else noticing how Whole Foods is getting a little ragtag since the Amazon purchase?

In all fairness, my location is in the midst of a revamp but all the signs point to a hard discounter aesthetic edging out any traces of its former glory days. I’m betting that the new Whole Foods will look more like an ALDI or a Lidl than an Eataly.

  • And it makes sense when you consider how much hard discounters are growing vs. regular supermarkets.
  • The Aldi/Lidl value proposition is gaining traction with consumers worldwide (Lidl is opening 100 stores in the U.S. thru 2018).
  • As of Q2 2017, Kantar data shows hard discounter sales, for the UK, are up 18.9% at Aldi and 17.2% at Lidl vs. supermarket sales up only 4.0% year over year.  (Source: Brick meets Clicks)

Here are a few other developments to consider since the Amazon deal went thru:

  • 25% jump in shoppers since Amazon instituted deep price cuts (Source: Foursquare)
  • 2000 products from the Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value brand were added  to the Amazon web site.
  • They sold out immediately – totaling $500,000 in the first week.

See photos below of Whole Foods, ALDI and Lidl.



Even Messier

Are we at Lidl yet? No, we’re still Whole Foods



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