It’s All About The Pork-Almighty at the Iowa State Fair!


Forget about funnel cakes, jumbo-smoked turkey legs, corn dogs. NOTHING beats The Pork-Almighty. And I am so grateful that my friend, Shawn Anderson, was with us to order this crazy concoction that also turned out to be the winner of the 2017 People’s Choice Best New Food Contest.

Debbie Kranovich, the mastermind behind the Pork Almighty’s recipe, thinks it won because “It screams ‘fair’ and it screams ‘fun'” – and she is so right!! And let’s not forget it’s also DELICIOUS – although hot sauce e.g. tabasco or sriracha would have made it even better.

Here’s the full description of The Pork-Almighty: The tower of power!

  • The base of the Pork Almighty is a 32-ounce soft drink with a huge bowl on top filled with crunchy twisty fries, pulled pork, queso cheese sauce, Cookies barbecue sauce, more queso, diced onions, green peppers and then more shredded cheese is sprinkled on top. It weighs in at just over four pounds and has more than 1,800 calories. At $12 it’s a bit spendy but so worth it!

    A straw comes up through the middle of the bowl, so you can sip and dine at the same time while strolling around the fairgrounds.

See below for more on the food scene. Another highlight was Bauder’s Ice Cream – renowned for their peppermint bars (and for the jailing of the Bauder’s Pharmacy owner for illegal sales of pain pills?!?). The ice cream, however, was YUMMY!

The gang went healthy at lunch with greek salads from the Gyros stand

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