It’s Black Friday: Here Are The 5 Stores I’ll Be Hitting Up

I currently have 5 favorite stores – all within walking distance of my home. I checked them out on Wednesday and will perhaps stop by today to pick up a few things to upgrade my wardrobe. But if the crowds are too crazy, I will head right back home😜

but first, some Thoughts on black friday shopping

In my younger years, I would rationalize buying stuff that was on sale by telling myself what a bargain it was – even if it didn’t fit quite right or I wasn’t crazy about it for whatever reason.

What I realized over time is that those “sale” items ended up almost NEVER being worn.

The important lesson I gradually learned was that I should only buy things that I was prepared to pay full price for – and if they happen to be on sale, great. Therefore, over the last 20 years, I can honestly say I never head for the sales rack.

I buy very few things but what I do get, I really love and feel great wearing. Of course, I still make the occasional mistake but I am happy to report that I could reach into my wardrobe blindfolded and whatever item I pull out I would love wearing.

One last point about Black Friday. Most of us already have brimming closets, so much so that a whole industry of de-cluttering has emerged. And yet, we still feel the need to fight for that amazing “deal.” I say, really really think about whether you need it. Be mindful about how long before it ends up in your declutter pile and ultimately a landfill?

Scroll down for more on where my wardrobe budget goes – black friday or not
  • COS – is my #1 go-to. They describe themselves as modern, functional reinvented wardrobe essentials, inspired by art and design. I would 100% agree. I end up wearing my COS items until they are so worn out as to be unwearable. It’s an offshoot brand of H&M out of Sweden. What I also find unique (and wonderful) about the brand is that it attracts women/girls of all ages and all sizes. That’s a rarity in fashion.
  • Madewell – is a new discovery for me but after I purchased 10 of the exact same cotton summer top there, I realized I must like the brand. That said, I don’t find Madewell’s style as consistent as COS – they seem to be a bit all over the place from flouncy dresses (which is NOT my thing) to basics and jumpsuits and, of course, lots of denim. They are owned by J. Crew but may be spun off soon since they are so much more successful than their parent company. The jury is out on whether this brand will stay in my heavy rotation.
Love these basics
This floral number not so much
  • Wildfang home for badass women, stealing inspiration from classic menswear items but fit and curated for a woman’s closet.” I love this store, more on principle than what I actually buy there. But I desperately want to shop there more. They have great jumpsuits and pants but the fit is a bridge too far for me. I did hear that they are re-working their cuts to better fit my body type. Their staff is fantastic and the items I have purchased rank among my favorites.
I want this jumpsuit to fit me!!!! Wildfang make it happen!
  • American Giant I LOVE their hoodies and they’ve just opened a store on Grand Street in Soho that is supposedly not just a pop-up. I stumbled upon them shortly after they opened and bought a fabulous hoodie dress (pic below). I will be back to get more basics, esp. tops.
LOVE THIS DRESS – bought it instantly!!
  • Rag & Bone – so far I have bought only bottoms – most recently 3 pairs of jeans and camo pants which are expensive but worth it. Their other apparel offerings I consider too pricey for what they are. But I am planning to visit my local Rag & Bone today and will report back if something breaks through my spending barrier.
There’s a great salesperson at the Soho Store
But the East Houston Street store is my neighborhood store
Bottom Line.

In re-reading this, I have a feeling I should just go straight to COS – so many great things in their newest collection that would be great additions to my wardrobe. And if I get there early, I’ll beat the crowds.

Later today, I’ll be heading up to Hudson Yards for their inaugural holiday festivities. Look for a blog post this Sunday about the HY holiday vibe and the overall Black Friday experience.

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