It’s “in” to do hipster stuff in Fayetteville: worlds are colliding!

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I track all things hipster. I do it for two reasons: 1. I love the hipster aesthetic especially in restaurants, bars and retail and 2. I believe hipsters add a great deal to the culture and are enormously influential in setting trends (everything from craft cocktails to skinny jeans to vintage/retro home decor).

So I was thrilled to come across this piece in the University of Arkansas’ student newspaper about Fayetteville becoming a haven for the hipster lifestyle. (Note: hipsters do not generally like being called hipsters, I don’t quite know why, but they don’t – probably because they don’t like being defined in any one way, but I still know a hipster when I see one!!).

Read on below for highlights on how to identify hipsters on campus.

What do hipsters major in?

Art. All kinds of art. There’s bound to be some in English because it’s very easy to get profound about English. And definitely music. But there are bound to be hipsters in every major (because they have invaded every other part of society).

How do you spot a hipster?

The typical male look: skinny jeans and a button up of any sort. Usually they wear very nice shoes, like Chukka or Chelsea boots. Maybe even some Oxfords. The female look includes knee-high socks or tights paired with just about anything from Goodwill (if you got it for a deal or it’s vintage, it’s hipster). They’re rocking bleach blonde hair not because they want to be blonde. No, they’re on their way to going full purple. Or gray. Or turquoise. Something rebelliously unnatural.

Hipsters can be spotted in coffee shops, skate parks, gentrifying neighborhoods and microbreweries. Usually, they’re sitting there by themselves sipping locally-brewed beer or coffee while listening to their ‘Discover Weekly’ on Spotify so they can find new bands that no one else has heard of. In Fayetteville, you’ll find them at Puritan Brewing Co. or Fossil Cove.

Fayetteville, and the UofA along with it, has become a haven for the hipster lifestyle because, as a town, it supports the general philosophies of “independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.”

What do you think the existence of the hipster has done to us as a people?

The defining characteristics of the hipster ideology are things we enjoy: Independence, appreciation of art and creativity, and admittedly, being a hipster is ‘in’ right now. We both admitted guilt to doing ‘hipster’ things.

Hipsters have made it a thing to be hyper-aware of the unknown and the underdog. Like in music, they look for weird unknown bands and they help them become big. So, now, everyone focuses on finding new, obscure things they find interesting, so essentially, being different is cool.

If the topic is of interest, I recommend you read the whole piece here.

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