Jagermeister shifts focus: My German grandma would be thrilled!


Amor y Amargo’s Precision Timepiece with Jägermeister, Amaro Montenegro, Aperol and pimento bitters. Image courtesy of Eater.

Great piece on Eater about the changing usage and perception of Jagermeister. The German herbal schnapps is moving into the world of finely crafted cocktails, leaving the frat house, party shots and Jager bombs behind.

The return to its roots, reminded me of my trips to Germany to visit my grandmother. My Oma (grandma) always had a sip (or two) of Jagermeister with her afternoon coffee. She swore by its healing properties.

Eater gives three examples in NYC where you can check out great cocktails made with Jagermeister:

At Pamela Wiznitzer’s Upper East Side craft cocktail bar Seamstress:  a few dashes or a bar spoon of Jägermeister are used to add bitter or spice notes to a cocktail.

At the East Village’s Amor y Amargo: a bar known for its collection of herbal, bitter-based liquors.

Grant Wheeler, bartender at The Garret in the West Village:  likes to use as an amaro in Sours, and in Manhattan variants as a modifier. Wheeler also feels Jägermeister works well as a rinse or even as a bitters substitute in many other modified classics: A bar spoon of Jägermeister in a classic Daiquiri is a really nice drink on a hot summer day.

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