Judd Foundation 90-minute Tour: HIGHLY RECOMMEND (Video)

5 out of 5 stars
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Mind-blowingly amazing 90-minute tour available of Donald Judd’s 5-story cast-iron building which served as both his family residency and his studio.  He bought the house in 1968 and it was a great gathering place for artists of that time.

Below are the pics from each floor (note on the tour you are only allowed to take photos on the ground floor). My video review is at the very end.

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Judd Foundation Building on Spring Street – with Flavin installation on ground floor


Building from the Mercer Street side – those huge windows are amazing

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Ground floor which served as studio and exhibition space while Judd lived here

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One of Judd’s signature daybeds – the one on the ground floor we can actually sit on

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Dan Flavin

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Another Flavin

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2nd floor: kitchen, dining, performance space (Judd’s wife was a dancer). Note the table and chairs were constructed specifically for this space and the dimensions of the table match the windows. Painting on the right by Ad Reinhardt


2nd floor: kitchen, stove, look into the staircase for kitchen storage and wine/spirits


2nd floor: Stove


3rd floor: Studio Photo: James Ewing


4th floor: Judd installed wood floor and wood ceiling to mirror each other. Art by Dan Flavin.


4th floor: wooden ceilings and floors


4th floor: Studio. Note: Donald Judd always preferred natural light and the only light installations throughout the whole house are these bare bulbs


4th floor: Study and staircase


4th floor: benches and tables Photo: Joshua White


5th floor: bedroom/ Art by Dan Flavin, Chamberlain, Donald Judd, Claes Oldenburg, Lucas Samaras. Photo: James Ewing

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