Kate Wore A Coat 4 Times And It’s News? What Happened To Sustainability?

Anybody else find it peculiar that the media calls out celebrities each time they re-wear an item? Like it’s a bad thing. I detect some sort of unspoken pact between celebs and the paparazzi that they must feed them newness at all times.

The Kate Effect” Vs. “Markle Sparkle

This has been especially true for the young royals who are doing their part to keep the economy humming when it comes to fashion.

Per WWD, the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister-in-law the Duchess of Sussex set trends and send web sites crashing with their fashion choices.

According to SEMrush, a data provider who has analyzed the duchesses’ influence on retail:

  • Markle is searched 35% more than Middleton.
  • Top searches for Markle’s style include sunglasses, which are searched six times more than Middleton
  • Jeans, searched 58% more.
  • Markle’s lipstick choices are searched 190% more than her sister-in-law’s.
  • Sadly, Middleton is winning only in the hat department, with searches 30% higher.

Other differences in Meghan’s influence versus Kate’s include:

  • Meghan has a strain of cannabis named for her. “Markle Sparkle” was named in her honor by a grower in Oregon! And Snoop Dogg has bought some and let it be known he’d like to smoke some weed with the duchess.
  • Pinterest searches for Meghan bring up 57MM results whereas Kate only gets 33MM.
  • Kate is clearly being groomed to be queen so she is photographed more often looking “royal,” i.e., a bit frumpy. However, when she’s out and about being more casual, I prefer her style to Markle’s.

Meghan Markle is a bit Kardashian-like. Always a tad flashy. However, she does have a more contemporary style which makes her more popular and relevant than poor Kate in those long dresses and horrid hats.

Let’s face it, Meghan Markle is the poster child for Fast Fashion. Kate, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the need to wear something new every time she steps out in public. And that is a big plus and should be roundly applauded.

Scroll down for pics of the duchesses based on recent searches and pins.
Markle Sparkle
Lots of young women are told they resemble Meghan so a reality show about that may be in the works.
Her favorite lipstick is supposedly Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution in Very Victoria.
Markle also made news when she wore her favorite $199 Outland jeans four times in one month😱
On Pinterest
Kate Middleton looks “royal” most of the time, which sadly translates to frumpy.
Those hats 😳
Her coolest looks from 2018??
Her best casual looks
And my favorite look
Bottom Line.

So much talk about sustainability and climate change and then we implicitly endorse wearing things only once. It’s ridiculous!

I say we cut those duchesses (and all celebrities) some slack and encourage them to recycle more items from their wardrobes.

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