KelloggsNYC: Great example of the best experiential retail and hospitality!


Dropped by the new Kellogg’sNYC cereal bar in Times Square. Every detail of the design and presentation is PERFECTION!!  They claim it will remain open indefinitely but I would get there sooner than later.

I’m especially impressed with their choice of partners starting with Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milkbar fame. She is the master of the low/high food movement and renowned for working with unpretentious, down-home ingredients. Her involvement has also made this project a media darling – great press so far!!

Cool to see how your order is prepared/delivered.  Once you pay (credit card only, no cash!), you are assigned a buzzer with a number that corresponds to one of the red lockers (see pic above). You retrieve your order, packed in a well-designed brown paper bag, from one of the lockers and you are good to go.

Location: 1600 Broadway, NYC between 48th & 49th.  Hours: Mon-Sun 7AM-11PM

See below for more details on the design and the menu items.

The design and layout of the store is wonderfully subtle and stands in stark contrast to the craziness of Times Square. Kudos to Co.create for the experiential design details, to Chipman Design Architecture for designing the space to be the antithesis of Times Square (but yet to still feel at home there!) and to Steven Fragale for the chalk art.

Our order consisted of the Pistachio and Lemon Cereal Bowl (Special K, Frosted Flakes, Pistachios, Lemon Zest and Thyme with skim milk from Five Acre Farms) and the Life In Color cereal bowl (Froot Loops, Lime Zest, Marshmallows, Passion Fruit Jam and soy milk – this item is also available as a sundae with soft serve ice cream). Both were delicious.


A quiet, serene space in the heart of Times Square


Pistachio and Lemon cereal bowl



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