PSFK 2015 Conference: Live, Work, Play Better – Key Takeaways


Attended PSFK’s conference last Friday (thank you Piers!) and was totally blown away by the range – and quality – of speakers.  Also, love the format with its non-stop schedule of speakers, panels and one-on-one interviews with none running over 15 mins and many limited to 5 mins. Basically, you get a diet of intensely focused learning with absolutely no filler.

I know I will be quoting four of the speakers incessantly because they were just so brilliant and made me rethink everything about living, working and playing! Here’s to you James O’Reilly (Neuehouse), Becky LaFranchi (Ikea), Daniel Lubetzky (Kind) and Jon Gray (Ghetto Gastro)!!

An additional six speakers stood out for me for how skillfully they conveyed their knowledge and made the audience feel passionately about their topics (everything from 3D printed earphones to how to be truly present).

Read below for more on the speakers and my takeaway from their talks.

James O’Reilly, Founding Partner Neuehouse


In the last few years, we experienced the birth of real estate as a service model.

We were not looking to make a better office – we were looking to reinvent the workplace experience.

Design, Hospitality, Community and Culture are absolute necessities for creative businesses.

We hadn’t seen great hospitality brought to the workplace.

Where you work can be a strategic advantage.

Magic happens when industries collide.

Traditional 9-5 doesn’t exist anymore/ Life and Work are not black and white.


Becky LaFranchi, Communications and Interior Design Manager IKEA


Clutter kills, people!  Clutter creates chaos.

An orderly home is an intuitive home.

Order, sense, identity = Happy Home


Daniel Lubetzky, CEO & Founder KIND


Daniel Lubetzky with Scott Lachut

Challenge your thinking and question your assumptions.

Setbacks and challenges are when you grow the most.

Our mode of innovation is skeptic to evangelist.

Also excellent insights on how to deal with an onslaught of bad publicity (KIND currently being investigated for making health claims that they can not back up).


Jon Gray of Ghetto Gastro


FUTURE FARMING panel with Jon Gray on right

Ghetto Gastro is a two-year-old food collective composed of Jon Gray and 3 colleagues – all young, enthusiastic chefs who hail from the Bronx and who have clocked serious time working in some of New York’s top kitchens, such as ~wd50, Le Cirque, and Jean-Georges. Jon was most recently in Copenhagen where he had joined René Redzepi’s world-class restaurant Noma.

Jon made an incredible impression on many of us when he talked about he wanted to shine a light on the Bronx for the part it plays in the culinary world of New York. He also intends to change young people’s way of thinking about food – making fresh, healthy food as cool as much more hyped and marketed processed foods.


Sascha Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO, Flavorpill


We are very good at being busy. Start being present.

With yoga, I got a hit of presence.

Burning Man – it’s an extreme sports version of presence!

“It takes a lot of discipline to be  a free spirit” – Gabriella Roth (Sascha’s yoga teacher)


Nikki Kaufman, Founder Normal (3D printed earphones)


Is it ever just right?


Jamin Warren, Founder Kill Screen (videogame arts and culture publication)


Douglas Rushkoff, Author


The best 5 minute presentation ever!!!  Lots of  inspiration for me on what to do to own a room just with your presence – and a chair!! 


Dennis Mortensen, CEO & Founder (artifical intelligence powered personal assistant)


Again, great presentation – really draws you into his world – the pain of setting up meetings. hysterical.


Adam Leibsohn, COO, Giphy (largest online search engine for animated GIFs)

IMG_7235There’s not enough time for words.

We’re not going to communicate through words in the future.

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