Knitting: Great for Stress Relief, But So Much More


Everywhere I look, there they are: Knitters (men and women!).

  • On the subway – YES!
  • At art events – YES. Yarnbombers covering trees, motorcycles, trashcans.
  • On TV – YES. Norway’s Slow TV has a National Knitting Evening with 4 hours of knitting for binge watching. Another reason to love Norway! Available on Netflix.
  • On Youtube – YES. Almost 3MM videos on knitting.
  • Memes – YES. Knit Club is my favorite.
  • Even Vogue is on board: German Vogue editor, Christiane Arp is often seen with her knitting needles.
  • Wool and the Gang, a super cool knitting company, has created a kit that builds 20 minutes of meditation into your daily schedule via knitting a scarf.  Their “Me Time” Scarf comes with striped yarn in two different shades. Every day, you’re supposed to knit rows of a single color then stop when the color of yarn changes. Each stripe of color on the scarf should take about 20 minutes to knit, which is just enough time to relax and meditate about your day.

Read on below for more on knitting including a great video on why people knit, and some first hand examples from Franklin Habit, the renowned writer, illustrator, and knitter, on the connection between knitting and yoga.


In googling around, I find knitting aficionados describing their time spent with yarn and needles as the most relaxing time of the day for them. They say the repetitive nature of knitting and purling induces the same relaxing effects of yoga or meditation.

Per Franklin Habit, knitting helps you with yoga/meditation for the following reasons:

You learn to stay in the moment. What’s important? This stitch, right now. This one.

You learn to let go of the outcome. Not to say you don’t celebrate when the socks are on the baby but you come to enjoy the steps it takes to get there. Because, as is often pointed out to knitters, you can buy socks, you know.

You learn that time is relative. The distance between one row and the next can feel like seconds or like years. On a great day, you lose ourselve in it, and emerge refreshed.

You learn that success is made of many failures. Possibly thousands, don’t sweat it. You’ll get there when you get there, so long as you keep moving.

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