konmari method of tidying up is a bust – I’m back to the Zandl method


I have been in a tidying funk – a paralysis really – for about 5 months ever since I bought Marie Kondo’s best-selling book.  Perhaps if you are knee-deep in clutter, her method will work for you, for me not so much!!  I have a very organized, minimalist approach to my home and this book threw me for a loop because it turns everything into such an ordeal.

For those of you not in the know, Marie Kondo advocates working on each category of items vs. decluttering room by room. So, for example, all your clothes – no matter what room they are in- need to be dealt with in one fell swoop. I prefer to work on specific areas of my home.  Also, her method demands you hold every single item in your hands to determine if it “sparks joy”. That just does not work for me.

So with this post I am liberating myself from the tyranny of the konmari method and returning to my own style of organizing and decluttering. Can’t wait to get back at it!

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