Lauder’s social media strategy boosts make-up sales: selfie-help is on the way!

Lauder’s makeup sales grew 11% (far greater than all other categories). Per their May 3rd earnings call with CEO Fabrizio Freda, the #1 reason for those booming sales is selfie culture and social media. With everyone taking more selfies and snapchat videos, there’s significantly more interest in makeup. There’s also more info available on social media on how to use cosmetics professionally: how-to videos and tutorials along with tips from influential consumers and celebrities.

Lauder is not new to this game – or alone – but they have been involved with social media since at least 2009. At that time, doing makeovers for women at Lauder counters in department stores with the aim of creating perfect looks for the women to use for profile pictures on facebook and linkedin. Lauder has since taken it to another level, signing Kendall Jenner (56MM followers on instagram) and now, Victoria Beckham (10MM followers on instagram).  Kendall has also just joined snapchat which will dial up her influence even more. Make sure you check out Kendall’s commercial above – it’s super cute!!!

BOTTOM LINE: great call by Lauder.




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