Le Coucou Restaurant Update: Sadly, Not So Amazing Anymore


When Le Coucou opened in late 2016, I managed to snag a table and was blown away by the food, the service, the vibe. I posted my review before the NY Times released theirs but both of us agreed that Le Coucou was the best new restaurant in NYC.

Since that time, I’ve heard a few friends grumble that Le Coucou was overrated and not deserving of its accolades. I didn’t believe it at first but recently did a return visit. My friends are right: Le Coucou has slipped on all levels. Food was definitely subpar but the service and vibe were especially off the night we were there. Sad.

Definitely not worth the money or effort to get a reservation. Go to The Grill instead (I had dinner there on Monday and it was fabulous).

If you do go to The Grill, a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Nights to go: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (much more chill and relaxed)
  • Crowd changes drastically after 8:30pm – gets younger and cooler. Our reservation was at 7pm and it was the old business-suit crowd coming straight from the office. And then, magically, the crowd got 30 years younger.
  • The staff is fantastic – very accommodating, friendly, professional.
  • There’s lots of tableside preparation – it’s fun but not essential.
  • Dishes we recommend: the duck breast (best in NYC according to Jamie Freed, the snapper was fantastic also). Avoid the pasta that comes with the duck press gizmo – not our fave at all. All the desserts are amazing.
  • GREAT wine list.
  • Oh and the space is GORGEOUS!!

Photos from our dinner below.



Duck press for pasta dish

Dessert done tableside


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