Leon Russell documentary: A Poem is a Naked Person (Review)

A weird, rambling movie – but such sweet music by country greats George Jones and Willie Nelson among others.  I especially loved Charlie McCoy’s harmonica playing and Sweet Mary Egan on fiddle is outstanding.  It’s a trippy film, complete with snakes eating baby chicks, imploding buildings, and lots of backstage shenanigans. Made 40 years ago by Les Blank, it is only now being released.

Definitely worth checking out if this kind of music is your thing or if you have an interest in 60’s/70’s counter-culture. It’s 90 minutes long and it took me almost an hour to get into its rhythm but then I was hooked.  In NYC it’s playing at Film Forum, in LA it was shown at the Ace Hotel downtown. Probably showing at art houses around the country and I’m sure going to be available on Netflix.

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