Love All The Street Artists Working In My Neighborhood


Sometimes circumstances force you to take a new route in your daily trek around town and BOOM you make a huge new discovery (or in this case re-discovery).

That’s what happened to me this weekend while making a quick trip to CityMD on Delancey Street (FYI, minor ailment, nothing serious). However, a new route brought new visibility to some street art that had not been on my radar for a while.

So on my trek east, I was thrilled to come across these pieces, mostly off Delancey. The giant mural by the old Essex Street Market by Gera Lozano is especially gorgeous. Her work covers both the exterior and interior of the building. Also love the truck art by Rambo and Stain that was parked right out front.

Some of the work I re-discovered today is relatively recent (from late 2016) but much of it goes all the way back to 2012. It’s all held up really well. Kudos to Hektad, DYE READ, J Corp, Ology Collective and, of course, Gera Lozano.

Also, interesting to see work that had been hidden behind buildings being unearthed as new construction takes place. Urban Archaeology at work.

More pics below. Enjoy!!



“Boonicorn” by JCorp for St.Art Wall

Ology Collective

Gera Lozano

Gera Lozano

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