LOVE Street Art – But Has It Jumped The Shark?


Huge fan of street art (still!) and love how the exterior of 39 Spring Street (above) was muralized by Hektad this week. But then I uncovered this instagram from realtors at Apartments of NY, and while I am happy that Hektad makes a living doing art commissions, the fact that his work was being used specifically to dress up the building for two weeks until it gets demolished to make way for the “coolest storefront in Nolita” made me just a little bit sad.

On a more positive note, Hektad is also part of the amazing art installations at First Street Green (part of First Park) on the northside of East Houston Street between 2nd and 1st Avenues (entrance on 1st Street). Totally worth checking out if you’re in NYC or if you’re planning to visit sometime over the summer.


FABnyc commissioned the current artwork at First Street Green – back in May of 2016 – as part of its FABLES series. It was timed to coincide with Lower East Side History Month.

Many first-rate artists featured , and a top instagram spot. If you’re lucky, some artists may be on hand as well.

I could not readily find info on all the artists but some of the names I was able to get: Peter Missing, Cyril Mazard, Aaron Schraeter, Ex Vandals, Hektad, Laia, Rock Steady Crew, Marcelo Ment.

The art park has received additional funding over the years from both the BMW Guggenheim Lab and from Intuit.

See photos below.


Ex Vandals – this is my favorite piece!!

Ex Vandals

Formerly known as Rat Alley….

Marcelo Ment

Foreclosed Bird House by Aaron Schraeter

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