Smoky and spicy showing up on more menus and food blogs

hot and spicy

This trend is right up my alley – am a huge fan of all things hot, spicy, and tangy.  And if you throw in some smoky notes, I’m all in!  Definitely worth checking out if you’re involved with food and beverages.

Highlights include:

Hot & spicy flavors with fresh tangy accents, ethnic hints or smoky notes.
Newest directions: 1) chili blends like habanero, chipotle, cayenne pepper or tabasco; 2) authentic Arabian spice blends like harissa, baharat or ras el hanout; 3) adding smoke to hot flavors e.g. smoky sriracha, chorizo, smoked pepper.

Look for more sweet and spicy desserts e.g. toffee and chili, ginger and mint.

Sensory Flavor Pairings in Beverages. Cucumber, the trendiest vegetable among cocktail ingredients, is making its way into lemonades to be fused with zesty lemon.

See more below on the nostalgia trend in desserts and the emerging trend to vegan soft drinks. Link to info from the flavor specialists at Bell Flavors as covered by here.

Nostalgia and all things sweet…
When it comes to desserts and bakery items, classic and nostalgic flavors are most popular as the customer’s love affair with treats that capture their childhood memories is still not over. There will be a strong demand for traditional favorites mixed up with modern twists. Old favorites like chocolate, caramel or cheesecake flavors will be re-imagined by playing around with many other trendy ingredients such as tropical fruits or seasonal flavors like pumpkin pie spice.

“Sensory Flavor Pairing” and how to formulate vegan soft drinks
Beverages are starting to be heavily affected by the veggie hype. The development of a vegan soft drink, however, is not simple. So far, to simply label orange lemonade with a vegan flag will not be thrilling for this highly demanding consumer group, because being a vegan is not just an eating habit but a general lifestyle attitude.  Based on this challenge, Bell has developed the tool of “Sensory Flavor Pairing” to create vegan soft drinks not simply being vegan but also tasting vegan.

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