LOVE this new app identifying cool neighborhoods in major cities!

where is williamsburg

The new “Where Is Williamsburg” app taps you right into the hipster-cool neighborhoods of most major cities. It was launched on April 1, 2016 and is available from iTunes for free. It is crowdsourced so will improve with input from users e.g. if enough people select a different neighborhood it would change the pin.

Kate Ray, the creator of the app, used scientific datasets to find the most Williamsburgian neighborhoods. I’ve played around with it a little and will be using it when I head to Pittsburgh later this month. At first glance, it seems pretty spot on e.g. Lawrenceville is cited for Pittsburgh, Corktown for Detroit, Wynwood for Miami, Mission for San Francisco, Downtown for Las Vegas. Other cities I’m not as familiar with but will run the selections by some friends to gauge the app’s accuracy (see screenshots below for Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, Portland).

Also it’s important to know that according to the app, the Williamsburg of New York City is… Bushwick.  (Ironic, right??!)

There’s also a Foursquare integration on the app that provides additional venue details, and users have the ability to manually contribute information as they see fit. For each city you can check for bars, restaurants, coffee and retail. Happy to see our friend Anna D’Agrosa’s restaurant Café Ghia listed. The only thing I find off-putting is the PBR branding of the app – I don’t think PBR has been at the center of the hipster universe for a while.

Additional screenshots below.

IMG_8392 IMG_8391 IMG_8390 IMG_8388 IMG_8387 IMG_8385 IMG_8384 (1) IMG_8383 IMG_8382 IMG_8381 IMG_8380 (1) IMG_8379 (1)




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