m-commerce is surging as 2 billion consumers globally shift to smartphones


Very interesting to see the content we access almost entirely on mobile devices (games, weather and food) vs. desktops (travel and business). Also, how relatively similar the behavior of older vs. younger age groups is at this point.

US Highlights:

Mobile users, in the USA, grew by 32%, at the cost of desktop share falling by 34% in 2015.

25 million are mobile-only users.

Almost 80% of under-55’s and 65% of over-55’s, are on multiple devices.

30% of the over-55’s were primarily desktop users vs. only 6.5% of the younger ones.

PayPal indicated that growth rate of m-commerce will be 3X that of e-commerce by 2016.

Link to full article from dazeinfo.com here.

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