Macy’s Balloon Inflation 2019 – Always The Best Time.

This year’s Balloon Inflation for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was so NICE. I don’t recall the last time it was this warm (mid-50’s) with NO rain or snow. And once again, super organized. Hard to believe they may not fly today because of wind.

What is not so nice about Balloon Inflation is how popular it’s become

First, the crowds are getting bigger and people are getting there earlier. I arrived at 3:30 pm and it was wall-to-wall. And way more press this year than I’ve seen previously. Security is also tight so be prepared for it to take 30 minutes to get from the entry point to the balloon inflation area.

Second, there seem to be fewer giant balloons in the parade. We’re also seeing more entertainment and cartoon characters and fewer corporate brands, e.g., Ronald McDonald, Pillsbury Doughboy, Aflac Duck.

Here are this year’s “first flight” balloons:
  • Astronaut Snoopy (done in partnership with NASA)
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • Smokey Bear
  • Yayoi Kusama
Scroll down and join me for a stroll along the 2019 Balloon Inflation route
Here we go
Wow! that woman on the left did not want to be filmed
Loved this girl’s turkey hat
Finally! balloons. Starting with Astronaut Snoopy in partnership with NASA
it Takes a team to get Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger ready to fly
Goku had the best fans. They turned inflation into cosplay with Japanese TV covering the event
One of the few corporate balloons
Ronald McDonald
Pikachu was #1 kid favorite
a lot more press coverage this year
More entertainment characters
Wimpy Kid
Green Eggs and Ham: Another 2019 First Flight
Press out in full force
bye bye 79th street, hello 81st street
I have no idea what this woman was up to but she had a photoshoot going on starring her teddy bear
more balloons
Pillsbury Doughboy
the Grinch
Trolls and Dino babies
Smokey Bear: Another first flight
And finally, Yayoi Kusama’s “Love Flies Up to the Sky” which absolutely nobody had a clue about.
Fingers crossed the winds will cooperate and the 2019 Thanksgiving Day Parade goes off without a hitch
Happy thanksgiving everyone!

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