Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Inflation – My Fave Pre-Turkey Day Ritual

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

This is normally a 5-star event and something I totally look forward to each year.  And I’m obviously not alone – over a million people attend the balloon inflation.  Tonight, however,  with a freezing rain, we got drenched and the balloons were delayed in being set up.  Big thank you to my friend Nystrom for being such a good sport about the weather – AND for giving me a heads up on all the different balloon characters in the parade.  This year’s star attractions include Pikachu and the Pillsbury Doughboy (both still underwraps when we went by), Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Skylander’s Eruptor, Adventure Time’s Finn & Jake, Wimpy Kid, The Elf on the Shelf, Papa Smurf. Spider-Man, SpongeBob Square Pants, and Toothless.


The lava spewing Skylanders Eruptor


Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger


Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger – being inflated in the rain


Aflac Duck

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