Maille Mustard Boutique opens on Columbus Avenue


Mustard sommelier answering questions from some very eager mustard afficionados

Great looking store, definitely worth checking out for retail scouting and service (e.g. they have a mustard sommelier).  BUT was disappointed that there is relatively little new and innovative in terms of product.  What is new are smaller sizes, some unique flavors (e.g. olive mustard which tastes like Tapenade, the website also mentions apricot and saffron – neither of which I saw).  Most importantly, stoneware jars are available for purchase which then allow you to buy any of the 4 mustards available on tap through the sommelier.  All the mustards can also be sampled on crackers.   The disconnect for me is that Maille is very commonplace here so while it elevates the brand and mustards in general, it still feels a little meh!  More pics below the break.


Mustard on tap sold in stoneware jars (various sizes)


Beautifully organized store for gifting


….and vinegars…


Maille Flagship Boutique at 185 Columbus Avenue (near 68th Street)


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