Marketing in a Video and Mobile-First World

1. Google is absolutely killing it with hyperlocal

Have you noticed how when you search for something on your phone how specific the search results have become? That’s Google’s absolutely brilliant local 3-pack which includes valuable information (such as the address, business hours and a “Directions” button). Google designs their search engine results pages (SERP) for optimal user experience. Pictures above are from my phone searching for Ludlow House, restaurants in Gowanus and info on Freeks Mills where we ended up going on Saturday night.

Here’s more info about Google and hyperlocal from This is a MUST-READ if you have a brick-and-mortar business:

  • Google Trends show a 2-fold increase in “near me” queries since mid-2015
  • 80% of those searches come from mobile devices
  • Brands must adopt a mobile-first mindset
  • Brands must make sure their Google My Business page is optimized. Make sure you include reviews, it will vastly improve your brand’s positioning within the Google 3-pack.

2. Video and visuals are more powerful than words

  • Visual language is powerful because we process visual content faster than print
  • Social video platforms like Snapchat and Instagram Stories are making it easier to post and consume videos
  • I’m adding much more video to the blog – and many are saying that video is becoming the new blogging. It already is for influencers like YesJulz, Tai Lopez and Gary Vee.

Read on below for 3 more breakout marketing trends including info on Diageo’s biggest social media hit.

3. Captain Morgan’s marketing stunt becomes Diageo’s most successful social media campaign

Per an interview in the Drum with Leila Fataar, Diageo’s first head of culture and entertainment for its Europe business:

  • Captain Morgan posted a congratulatory message to Leicester City Premier League Captain (Wes) Morgan after the team won the championship title and made English football history.
  • Along with the hashtag #theresonlyonecaptaimorgan was a picture of the bottle but instead of the fictional pirate’s face emblazoned on the logo people saw the Premier League champion. He jokingly asked for an actual version of the bottle to be sent to him.
  • 11,000 bottles were produced for sale in Leicester and sold out within 24 hours.
  • The campaign consisted of 5 posts on Twitter and 2 on Facebook
  • Impressions topped 50 million with 590,000 interactions (26% engagement rate).

Wes was really up for it,” says Fataar. “It’s a Jamaican rum and he’s Jamaican so the alliance came through well and when the stars align like that then you have to grab the opportunity and run with it.”


4. Pinterest Lens: Visual Discovery

  • This is in beta so I haven’t been able to access it but sounds amazing. Pinterest Lens functions like Shazam (the music recognition app) but for the visual world. This gives us the ability to point our phone cameras at an object and perform a Pinterest search, and in a perfect world, it will identify that particular product.
  • This could be used in so many ways: from finding the brand of furniture you see in a hotel, or a recipe for a food item or vegetable.
  • Apparently Pinterest has had visual search functionality since 2015 (as has Houzz) but Lens takes it to another level. It also lets brands feature products found within photographs. So, if a user is looking at a Pin of an interior which features a particular chair, for example, a retailer could potentially provide a link to purchase the chair.


5. Great infographic on what colors mean to people around the world. Recommend you read the whole thing but here are a few highlights:


  • The #1 favorite color of all people
  • The most commonly used color in corporate identity


  • The symbol of ecology and a verb
  • Universally associated with nature


  • Attracts our attention more than any other color (Snapchat??)
  • Represents sunshine, happiness and warmth in most cultures


  • The most popular color for flags in the world – 77% include red
  • The international color for STOP


  • Suggests value and discounts
  • Children all over the world are drawn to orange


  • A divisive color – people either hate it or love it
  • Color of mourning or death in many culture


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