Marta – Danny Meyer’s new pizza place in the Martha Washington Hotel


Great space, very comfortable environment and at lunch not overly loud

Based on the recent good NYTimes review, my friend Bruce Bromley and I checked it out again (after my initial visit right after opening when it still had start-up hiccups).  We had the funghi mushroom pizza and the salsiccia (sausage and mushrooms).  We also had the rabbit meatballs to start.  For dessert we had the affogato and the ice cream panino.  We also had a great bottle of white wine.  The good news first – the space is even more gorgeous than I remember and the staff is AMAZING.

So an absolutely great hospitality experience and if extremely thin crust pizza is your preference, this would be great.  I like thin crust but not this thin and not this crispy so unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.  Bottom line, I would come back if someone wanted to check it out but the pizza is just not my style.


pizza ovens, chefs and counter seating

Pizza ovens and chefs

Pizza ovens and chefs


bar area – right off the lobby off the hotel

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