Meow Parlour opened Monday Dec 15 and of course I was there!!


My favorite kitty – but did not look pleased with all the comings and goings

46 Hester Street, 12noon – 8pm (closed Wednesday)

The good news first:  the cats are adorable, it’s a fun and worthwhile concept (and inexpensive, just $4 for 30 minutes) and the website is gorgeous!!  What didn’t work for me at all, is the space’s design, layout and construction.  There is nothing cozy or comfy that would make me want to spend even 30 mins there.  I didn’t feel like hanging out on the pillows on the floor and watching cats under glass in a table – see pic below the break.  It’s also  kind of messy (and this was the first day!!).  More pics and commentary after the break.

I’m pretty positive that this will be a short-lived operation.  I really don’t understand the business model – based on their $4 for 30 mins rate, they could make $4000 per week assuming they are 100% booked 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, 20 people at a time.  Based on what I experienced today, those kinds of numbers look highly unlikely.  I do have another reservation with some friends from LA early next year – perhaps they will have worked out the kinks by then.  And I will also make sure that we go to the owner’s patisserie around the corner first to get coffee and snacks to bring in with us.


The setup – the white boxes on the floor have glass tops to watch cats sleeping


Couple checking out cats under glass


This kitty isn’t sure about this gig


Messy – extension cords, water bottles, fans, backpacks…..kitty is not pleased!!


Christine Ha, co-owner


Street view


Website is amazing!! (Link in first paragraph)

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