Merchandising Secrets You Need to Know That Can Boost Your Retail by 35%


Great retail tips from Annet King, director of global education for the The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica in The info is relevant to all retail and is not limited to beauty/spa.

My 5 favorite retailers (Whole Foods, COS, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel and Bloomingdale’s Soho) are all master merchandisers. Each of them are experts at creating amazing in-store experiences and displays that invariably have me spending way more than I had planned – so I guess that counts as success.

Here are Annet’s 12 tips:

1. The “Newness” Factor

Consumers seek out new retail experiences after just one visit to a store. They get bored easily, and are after something new each time. Change up your displays, windows, point-of-sale or feature table twice a month so clients have something to pique their interest every visit. This also gives you and your staff something new to talk about.

2. Turn Up the Music

Eight out of 10 customers buy more with music. Upbeat tunes energize clients more than spa-like vibes, but keep it to background to not overpower the rest of the shopping experience.

3. Cash Wrap = Easy Cash

Point of sale displays are responsible for 80% of the buying decision. So keep purse friendly items here. It’s also a hot spot to highlight promotions and new products.

4. Light it Up

Good lighting for shelves and displays can increase sales by 25%. All Saints USED to be one of my favorite fashion retailers but it was so dark in the store – even in the dressing rooms – that I stopped shopping there because almost 100% of the time, I hated what I bought in the dark!! Was there recently, however, and noticed that they have now turned up the lighting and I am very close to becoming a customer again!!

5. No Price, No Sale

Without clear pricing, nine out of 10 times the sale will be lost. Customers do not want to ask or review a price list.

6. Customers Shop to the Right

The majority of the population is right-handed, so have your core product shelving and merchandising on the right of your space.

7. Eye Level is Buy Level

Merchandise best-sellers at eye level for quick easy navigation and sales.

8. Use Mirrors

Mirrors slow customers down, as we all like to look at ourselves. More time in the space equals more purchasing time..

9. Make Touch a Focus

Unplanned buying is reliant on touch. This is why luxe cashmere sweaters are stacked on tables. Personal­ization, education and demonstration will take the experience much further.

10. Straighten Up

Products should be well-stocked and straight. Use a wooden ruler to straighten and even out products. Ensure testers are in front of corresponding products.

11. Call Out

Use professional looking visuals and signs whenever possible to enhance displays and to communicate your message.

12. Odds are In

Always display products in groupings of threes or fives, tallest to smallest, creating a pyramid shape. This will provide balance to your displays.

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