Millennial dads are redefining fatherhood



Just in time for Father’s Day, great info via Digiday from a number of excellent sources including BabyCenter’s Millennial Dads, Y&R’s “Who’s Your Daddy,” Google Consumer Study and the Pew Research Center.  Details, including well-grounded statistics, below.

They make more decisions than their predecessors.
Millennial dads not only spend more time with their kids than dads from previous generations but are also more involved in their children’s lives — from engaging in domestic tasks like cooking and packing lunches to housekeeping and planning fun activities.

According to Pew Research Center, fathers have nearly tripled the time they spend with children since 1965, and the number of stay-at-home dads has nearly doubled in the past two decades. BabyCenter’s “Millennial Dads Study” from this month also revealed that 88 percent of millennial dads aspired to be “the perfect dads” as compared to fewer millennial moms.

And they’re doing a lot more shopping.
Millennial fathers differ significantly from their single counterparts: A recent report titled “Who’s Your Daddy” by agency Y&R found that an overwhelming 80 percent of millennial dads claim they do primary or shared grocery shopping, making their own choices rather than just following orders. This is significantly higher when pitted against 45 percent of all dads surveyed.

But they prioritize quality over quantity.
The millennial affinity for quality experiences makes them more than willing to spend money if the branding is right.

According to the Y&R study, this characteristic extends to dads as well. But they differ from moms in that they’re more likely to buy on impulse in most categories — so brands should be making efforts to reach out to this demographic at the point of purchase.

And they rely on technology for a parental assist.
Like the rest of their ilk, millennial fathers rely heavily on mobile to both shop and research shopping decisions.

Not only are they receptive to mobile offers, including geo-targeted notifications, but seven in 10 millennial dads surveyed by BabyCenter also reported they have sought parenting information online — with 59 percent of them doing so on mobile. A recent Google Report also found that searches for baby-related terms on mobile have grown 52 percent year-over-year and baby-related “how-to” searches are growing 49 percent year-over-year.


Source BabyCenter Millennial Dad’s Study


Source: Google Consumer Survey


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