How Millennial-Minded are you? (Take the quiz and find out!)


Millennials have been Topic #1 in marketing and business circles for several years.  Now we’re seeing the focus expand to include the Millennial-Minded.  A recent article in put this concept on my radar.  For full article link here. And for the Millennial Quiz, link here.

From my perspective, traits of the Millennial-Minded (of any age) include:

1. Tech-forward (mobile all the way, active on social media, fans of uber, airbnb, GoCar)

2. Experience-focused (whether it’s culinary, travel, retail, art  – memorable experiences are central)

3. Cost-Savvy (online access has provided more transparency on costs – the status is in paying the right price vs. overpaying)

4. Entrepreneurial (start-ups, small business owners, freelance/gig focused)

5. Trailblazing (big fans of innovative companies like Apple, Tesla, Warby Parker – embracing brands/people that effectively challenge the status quo vs. sticking with the same old)



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