Mionetto Introduces a Luxurious Limited Edition Super Dry Prosecco


If you’re a Prosecco drinker but sometimes wish there was a dryer, more clean and crisp option, this limited edition Cuvee Anniversario is outstanding and absolutely worth checking out – and at $25 SRP, a great value.

And shout out to Mionetto and CreativeFeed for hosting such an informative tasting event last week at Del Posto in NYC.

  • The tasting was led (in Italian) by Alessio Del Savio, Chief Winemaker at Mionetto and translated, with great humor and aplomb, by Enore Ceola, Managing Director and CEO of Mionetto USA.
  • As you can see from all the glasses in the photo above, our tasting was comprehensive and we explored many different stages of Prosecco-making, culiminating in the Cuvee Anniversario tasting.
  • My biggest learning, besides how extraordinary a pristine, bone-dry Prosecco can be, was that Proseccos are NOT AGED. If you do happen to be served a Prosecco that has a strong yellowish hue, send it back immediately, it means it’s old.

Read on below for more on Base Wines, Friendship Wine, and most especially what went into creating the Cuvee Anniversario Prosecco.


Base Wines from Friuli and Treviso

Distinct apple flavor

  • These are unfiltered and low alcohol (milky looking)
  • Huge crowd favorite among the wine writers in our tasting group
  • The Glera Base Wine – Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG has a distinct apple flavor
  • The Friuli wines are not available in the U.S. (much to the chagrin of the tasters)


Mionetto Prosecco Cartizze DOCG


  • This wine is described as the “Friendship Wine” – something you’d always want to have on hand to celebrate when friends drop by.
  • Its freshness is assured since it is bottled on demand throughout the year.
  • Cartizze is considered the home of Italy’s finest Proseccos.


Finally, here’s what I learned about the Cuvee Anniversario:



In 2016, Alessio Del Savio (head winemaker) made it his mission to celebrate the history of Mionetto with a Prosecco that would stylistically mirror the wine that was originally made 130 years ago i.e. bone dry with no sugar.

The 3 guidelines he insisted on for authenticity included:

  • The grapes had to be sourced from the village of Valdobbiadene
  • They would work only with growers who had the longest relationship with Mionetto
  • The flavor profile had to connect with a wine of that time i.e. bone dry


More photos from the tasting



All four wines tasted


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