Moms Are Getting High And Kids Are Out Of Control


Parenting on pot is THE only way to parent these days.’


I’ve read about this a million times but hadn’t seen it in action. Until recently.

Twice this past week, while out to dinner with friends, we were seated near tables of hyped up kids, running helter-skelter around the restaurant, bumping into tables, crashing into waiters — ruining people’s dinners while moms look on, completely unperturbed.

In each instance, it was at a high-end restaurant (pun intended). And it was on the early side, before 7 pm. Two different restaurants, two different parts of town, two different sets of moms completely oblivious to the havoc they were creating around them. Moms just chillaxing, not concerned one iota that their kids were running wild.

At first, we thought the moms were tipsy, but that did not appear to be the case. In observing their tables, there was not much evidence of wine or cocktailing.

Which made me curious to figure out what the heck was going on.

In doing some research on current parenting styles, I ran into several articles on moms getting high. While I knew this was happening, I didn’t realize the extent of it. Or the fact that there’s now a whole sub-genre of writing covering stoner moms within the mommy blog category.

One post in savvymom specifically caught my attention. One mom wrote: “I’m more patient after a couple of hits.” Based on our most recent restaurant experiences, this is clearly what we had run into.

Everything was suddenly clear. The moms at both of these restaurants (each with three spawn under the age of ten in tow), were high!  That’s how they were able to maintain their composure. While we were all highly agitated that our dining experience had been hijacked by their out-of-control kids, the moms had a “couple of hits” worth of patience in them.

There are now even cannabis coaches, especially for moms to find just the right dosage to help them cope when they feel overwhelmed but still need to parent at least somewhat effectively. Coaches position themselves as assisting moms to become their best selves through cannabis.

Vice also just ran an interesting piece on how Wine Mom is transforming into Stoner or Weed Mom. Not surprisingly, California and Colorado are at the forefront of this culture shift (with Canada not far behind).


Read on below for more on stoner parents.


According to a survey of 1,122 Americans conducted by Yahoo News and Marist College:

  • 65% of the people who have ever tried cannabis are parents, and of those who currently use weed, parents make up 54%, and more than half have kids under age 18.

Another survey of 10,000 California cannabis consumers conducted by Eaze Insights found:

  • 63% of parents who consume cannabis do so daily, with many simply reserving a puff or two for the end of the evening after the kids are in bed.

And there you have it. Wine is out, and weed is in for the mommy set.

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