Snapchat Update: it’s not just for teens anymore!!


Have been a Snapchatter for over a month now and LOVE it even more – although I do have two complaints: the camera is awful (!!) especially at night and snapchat drains your battery like nobody’s business.

But it’s been a HUGE month for snapchat!

Here are five highlights:

Brands are starting to join the platform in droves: Luxury brands in particular e.g Burberry did a 24-hr Discover Channel for the launch of Mr. Burberry with videos by Steve McQueen, Bloomingdale’s is very active, Starbucks did Snapchat Selfie ads, Nordstrom is targeting college students, Asos created a Fashion Week series (viewed more than 20MM times), Conde Nast Traveler released their annual hotel Hot List exclusively on snapchat, the BBC is doing Snapchat Stories. Art museums are getting on the bandwagon with LACMA leading the way. Sadly, I have not been particularly impressed by any of these efforts -all feel too corporate and slick vs. creative, fun and spontaneous.

“Intimate sharing” is declining on facebook – dropping 21% over last year. Facebook calls this decline in intimacy: “context collapse.” Personal sharing has instead shifted to Snapchat’s smaller audiences as well as other messaging services. The impact of this shift was brought home to me by Lyor Cohen, who is 56, big in the hip hop music world and a very recent snapchatter. He recently suffered a pulmonary embolism and snapchatted the whole thing from his gurney at the hospital.¬†Facebook meanwhile is becoming a repository of random news posts.

Teens are ditching Instagram for Snapchat at a stunning rate. Snapchat has an urgency to it, users spend 30 minutes a day on the app because they don’t want miss any posts. The format is highly engaging: stories, 10 second videos (way more interesting than longer videos), cool new features like 3D emojis and new daily filters. L2 did a great report on snapchat vs. instagram along with case studies here.

World leaders and global organizations are embracing snapchat – The White House has a great account but UNICEF and the European Parliament are reportedly doing an amazing job on snapchat.

In the realm of CRAZY: Plastic surgeons in Miami and New York are using snapchat to broadcast procedures including before and after photos (patients have given permission!!). They then repost their snaps on instagram!!

Read below for more on snapchat marketing, advertising, stars to follow, sources and much, much more.

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Campuses and businesses are using snapchat to recruit bright young minds! JPMorgan is using geofilters for HS and university events in the UK and US in hopes of attracting students who might otherwise gravitate to the tech world!

Check out the new 3D emojis: To pin an emoji in Snapchat, record a video that focuses on a moving object e.g. someone dancing or a dog running around. Once you’re happy with the video, tap the emoji icon at the top of the preview screen and select the one you want to use. Re-size the emoji at this point. Once you pin it, it’s harder to re-size it without having to re-pin. Next, long press on the emoji until the video pauses. Drag the emoji to the item you want it to follow. Snapchat will reload the video, and the emoji should follow along. (Thank you for this step by step guide.)

A list of snapchat stars to follow and learn from:. However, I recommend checking these people out for a day or so and unfollow all the ones you find annoying. My recommendations: Branden Harvey – he’s adorable and fun and an excellent snapchatter, Kate Hudson (LOVE her!!), Gigi Hadid (for behind the scenes, model lifestyle snaps), RB Umali (skateboard videographer, world traveler), The White House and Mark Suster (biz, VC snap storms that are really interesting if that’s your thing – he’s one of my faves!!).

Snapchat recently attracting more millennial women than men: may be a result of so many popular fashion bloggers and celebs switching from instagram to snapchat.


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