Movies: Can’t Remember the Last Time I Went to See One


I only watch documentaries but haven’t seen one at a movie theater in at least a year. Feeling guilty that my lack of attendance is contributing to the closings of so many independent moviehouses e.g. Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema.

I have a few friends who are movie fanatics (hello Shawn!) but movie-going has become such a hassle that many people I know are giving it a miss.

I also wonder how people feel about movies that are all remakes and sequels. They accounted for all of 2017’s top ten at the box office.

It’s a bit of a conundrum for those in the movie biz: people only go to movie theaters to see remakes and sequels and at the same time, the trend to these spectacles and remakes keeps more and more people away.

And I’m not the only one noticing that the film-going habit is going the way of the dodo.

Per The Economist:

  • Tickets sold per head have declined to their lowest point since the early 1970s, before the introduction of the multiplex
  • Americans are buying 30% fewer movie tickets per person than they did in 2002 (3.6 per person vs. 5.1 per year).
  • But ticket prices are up 54% over the last 15 years (so higher total takings although attendance is declining)
  • Frequent filmgoers (once a month or more) are down to 11% from 28% in 2002.
  • The average American goes to the cinema only to take in big-budget spectacles or the occasional buzzy hit.

Read on below for top trends in another type of film that is doing extremely well – and is becoming increasingly cinematic – even if it is never seen at a cinema. I’m talking about porn. And since porn is often directional when it comes to technology and behavior, it’s worth scrolling down.


Per Maxim and Men’s Health, here are 6 of the most notable porn trends for 2018:

#1:  Porn will become a lot more cinematic

#2:  We’ll see a lot of virtual reality porn

  • This is more of a millennial trend and is expected to continue to get more popular and more immersive in 2018.
  • 4K porn – which is four times the resolution of HD — might become the new norm fairly soon, along with other fully-immersive X-rated experiences. 



#3:  More Porn stars will become entrepreneurs

  • “The biggest trend I’ve seen for myself and other coworkers in this business is being able to be your own producer and director and not actually have to shoot at all for anyone else,” says porn star Tasha Reign.


#4:  There’s going to be a lot of “thriller” and “action” porn

  •  “We’ve seen an increase in ambitious action/thriller movies, to the extent that we actually added that category to the Adult Video News (AVN) Awards this year,” says Sharan Street of AVN Magazine.


#5:  “Fauxcest” will continue to be one of the most popular porn genres

  •  One of the most popular fetishes is fake incest porn, a.k.a. “fauxcest.”
  • “Family roleplay themes and voyeuristic ‘almost caught’ scenarios were among the most popular online and within my brands,” says the head of production at Gamma Films Group, Bree Mills.


#6:  Women will be more powerful in the industry

  • Pornhub’s annual “Year in Review” revealed the top trending search in 2017 was “Porn for Women,” and according to industry experts, porn will be even more female-driven this year.
  • “Right now viewers have to go in and look for female-direct porn, because it’s not easy to find,” says Cindy Gallop, founder of the website MakeLoveNotPorn. “I have a number of amazing female friends making great porn, but they’re not getting any traffic because no one can find them.”

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