Naomi Osaka Needs An Intervention To Stop Making Dumb Decisions.


Bye Bye Naomi!! Unless she buckles down and gets her act together, she’s history. Winning isn’t for wimps and that’s what she looks like now.


I’ve been a huge fan of Osaka’s since the beginning of the US Open 2018 when I was hopeful that she had it in her to go all the way.

  • And she did go on to win, in no small part because of her coach Sascha Bajin, who  happens to be the former hitting partner for Serena Williams.
  • There’s a definite link between Osaka’s success and the coaching she got from Bajin.
  • She went from a 68th ranking to #1 in less than a year.

And then she fired Bajin because she “did not want to put success ahead of happiness.” And she thought he said too many mean and negative things. I mean, really?

So now she’s hired Jermaine Jenkins, former coach of #36 ranked Venus Williams. That makes absolutely no sense. Why go from someone who’s been training the #1 player to one who works with #36 (and can’t seem to get better than that)?

Bottom Line.

She clearly does not want to be #1. What a disappointment! It’s going to be all downhill for her unless she comes to her senses.

I’m afraid she’s gotten distracted by all the media hoopla, new sponsorships, etc. She’s let her fame go to her head.

At this rate, her #1 ranking is in jeopardy and is going to be very shortlived.

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