NAT GEO Around The World Northern Route: Getting Excited!


FINALLY!! With only 17 days til departure, my visas for Mongolia and Russia were approved! And my Nat Geo fancy rolling bag, along with final details on the trip including information on my fellow travelers, also arrived.

  • The destination that most intrigues me is Mongolia and the Gobi Desert.
  • We’re staying at the Three Camel Lodge which is part of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection.
  • My goal to see the reindeer people seems highly unlikely. The Dukhas, as they are known, live in northern Mongolia and this last nomadic tribe of the region is down to 40 families – highly doubtful our paths will cross.
  • But we will see many camels and Mongolian ponies around our camp.

Not sure how much internet will be available throughout the trip or how much downtime I’ll have for posting but I will definitely get on instagram and snapchat whenever I can so if this Northern Route trip is of interest, follow me on:

  • Instagram: Irma Zandl (link here)
  • Snapchat: irmatz

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