National Gallery – 3-hr documentary by Frederick Wiseman currently at Film Forum

national-gallery-2014-frederick-wiseman-01I was dying to see this movie and also dreading it because, at 3 hours, I knew my patience would be sorely tested. I’m giving it only 3.75 stars because it desperately needs to be edited to a much more watchable 2 hours.  That said, if you love art and are intrigued by what goes on behind-the-scenes at museums, you’ll want to see this movie.  I was especially fascinated by the art restorers.  There is one extraordinary interview (image above) where the restorer explains how in X-raying a very famous Rembrandt prior to restoration, they discovered an earlier, original image on the canvas that the artist had then painted over.


restorer at work


One of the many fabulous docents at the National Gallery who give the visitors and us, the viewers, tremendous background stories on the treasures on display


Poster for National Gallery

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