Neil Turitz: Brilliant Creator of the Six Word Movie Review


If you’re a movie fan, you have to get acquainted with Neil Turitz and the genius of his Six Word Movie Review. Follow him on twitter (@neilturitz) or on Facebook.

His reviews caught my eye the minute he started doing them. As many of you know, I appreciate brevity and Neil’s reviews pack more of a punch in six words than any NY Times reviewer’s  long-winded 800 word review that I have ever read.

I had three questions for Neil to find out how he came up with this idea and what kind of reaction he’s been getting. Lucky for me, he took the time to respond.

Q1: How did the idea of the Six Word Review come about?

It was one of those accidental things, really. Last year, I saw the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, and posted on Facebook a one-word review: “Meh.

Some people thought it was funny, and that was pretty much it.

A while later, I did another, for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets but it was an eight-word jobby:

“Batshit fucking insane. And that’s a good thing.”

I didn’t give it another thought for a while, and then, I saw Dunkirk, and put out a six-word version:

“Looks great. No soul. Wildly overpraised.”

It felt right, so I stuck with it, and then started tweeting them out, too, and people seemed to like it.


Q2: How is it different for you to write vs. writing a long-form review?

I have never really been a film critic except for a nine-month period in 2004, when I was the critic for Star Magazine.

I’ve always been more of a commentator, and because of what I do, people tend to ask me my opinion of movies and what they should see.

Once I got into the rhythm of doing this, it has come rather easily. Far easier than writing a 400-, 800-, or 1000- word version of it.

The trick is to be pithy and sharp and give an idea of what people will see in just six words. It’s a great exercise. Everyone should try it. My girlfriend does it constantly now.


Q3: What’s the reaction been?

I have been shocked by the reaction to this. People ABSOLUTELY LOVE it.

It has completely taken me by surprise, and now I’m constantly under pressure to see more movies and report back.

It might also become something of a curse, as people have begun asking me for six-word reviews on other things. Restaurants, bars, TV shows, the quality of my Thanksgiving, I have a feeling I may have started something crazy here.


Read on below for more of Neil’s  Six Word Reviews. Something to consider: How would your Six Word Review differ from Neil’s?


Note: this is Neil’s personal favorite, the one he considers his best to date


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