Never Stop Learning: 5 things I am focusing on for 2016


The world is changing faster than at any time in our history. Being a lifelong learner is not an option, it is a necessity. Here are the 5 things I am focusing on in the coming year to keep life exciting and to ensure I don’t get stuck in a rut:

1. Meet new people

I am meeting 100 new people on my upcoming trip. As with last year’s trip to Alaska where I joined a different table for each meal (and hence met everyone on the expedition), I am planning to spend time meeting all of my travel companions over the course of 3 weeks.

Beyond this trip, however, I want to add new people to my circle of friends. So will definitely be saying yes to more invitations. I’m great at meeting people in smaller, more intimate settings but still freaked out at the prospect of going to an event with hundreds of strangers – working on getting better at that this coming year!

2. Do one new thing (minimally) per week

I’m always on the lookout for new trends, retailers, restaurants, art events etc. The “new” has always been exciting for me but having this blog has taken it to another level.

I’m also looking for more activities to take me out of my comfort zone and expand my horizons. For example, I rarely go to sporting events but this past week, I went to the Yankees/Astros playoff game which was so cool. We also managed to squeeze onto the MTA’s 1917 vintage subway train running express that night for the game from 42nd Street to Yankee Stadium. So great to experience Yankees’ fans awesomeness!!

3. Read more books

I’ve always loved reading. When I lived in LIC, I read at least one book per week but since I moved back to Manhattan, I have barely cracked open a book.  I feel like I am falling behind – all the smartest/most interesting people I know are voracious readers so definitely going to get back at it. H is for Hawk is #1 on my reading list and I might try audio books while I am on this trip.

4. Travel/Exploration

I have a few cool cities on my radar for weekend jaunts. Earlier this year, my friend Nick Belperio and I did a weekend trip to Detroit and it was amazing – we had a great agenda and it was so exciting to explore a city that neither of us had been to for a long while – especially one in the midst of a major rejuvenation. My criteria for cool cities includes new hotels (e.g. Ace is opening in Pittsburgh), new retailers (e.g. Warby Parker in Kansas City), interesting food scene (e.g. Portland, Maine!) and trend forward lifestyle (e.g. biking).

I’m also formulating plans for next summer to visit several County and State Fairs (esp. Texas and Ohio). And I am planning another Nat Geo trip for next year – very intrigued by the Iceland Winter Adventure.

5. Stay healthy and fit

It’s hard to meet people and have great adventures if your health is sub-par.  Keeping in top form remains a big priority for me. Gym everyday, citibike as often as possible, lots of walking.  Also, on the food front, cut back on salt and bread. Oh yeah, and try to reduce the vino intake (that might be a lost cause!).




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