OK, starting to get this snapchat thing – altho missing my friends!!


Must say I am really enjoying snapchat – will definitely like it more once I get more than 6 friends. As hard as it’s been to get a hang of it, it’s even harder getting my age 35-and-over friends on board. But I will be adding my snapchat handle to my twitter, blog, linkedin accounts etc, perhaps that will energize my peeps to get with the program.

See below for accounts I love following – and the ones I don’t (that’s you DJ Khaled!).

Accounts I love include: the NYT (lots of video, really good!), the official White House account is amazing – they’ve been to Dubai, Rose Garden press conference with Trudeau (whoever is doing their account, 5-stars!!); Elizabeth Plank political commentator for Vox, Brandon Harvey is a hoot – especially when he’s teaching his parents about snapchat, and Arnold Schwarzenegger!!  See Tech Insider for more recos here.

I am NOT enjoying DJ Khaled (too loud), Gary Vee (just TOO much of everything!). I also don’t care for any of the snapchat girlie stars – but that said, there is still a lot you can learn from them.

Also, check out this recent piece on how extraordinarily successful the WSJ supposedly has been in bringing in younger readers with their snapchat Discover account – 100MM readers a day they say – BUT I don’t believe it. I’ve checked it out and there’s no way it’s that successful – it’s all boring text,  where’s the video???

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