Oliver Isaacs: Top UK Influencer, Tech Investor, This Guy is the Real Deal


I want to meet Oliver Isaacs. He’s a young British serial tech entrepreneur, investor and top U.K. influencer who founded among other things, Amirite.com (with over 1 billion unique visitors). Amirite is the premier opinion-based social network. Seems only fitting that the Opinionator should get to meet the opinion network founder!

  • But that aside, Oliver is impressive. The way he thinks about – and approaches – social is outstanding. In reading how he strategizes about growth, it’s clear this is serious business. And it’s also clear to me why I am stuck at 600 Instagram followers while he has 277,000.
  • Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, and Tim Ferriss have reached out to him for business advice and motivational thoughts for their Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

I recently discovered him through an Inc. interview.  Link here, def worth a read for tips on how to grow your followers on social. I’m especially intrigued since many of his recommendations run counter to what I’ve been advised previously.

IBM has also recently featured him with excellent advice on how to do a startup.

  • As opposed to many influencers/wunderkinds, Oliver seems very grounded.
  • He talks about how to avoid almost every problem I encountered when I started my company (some of which took me years to figure out).
  • And one thing I especially admire about him his how frugal he is. He doesn’t appear to be throwing his investors’ money around willy-nilly.
  • Only downside: he has to work on his video persona, he’s very unnatural and stilted on video. He could take some lessons from any number of social media video public figures e.g. Sam Sheffer, Mark Suster, Tai Lopez, YesJulz, Brian Park and many more.

His tips and insights on what content works best (and why) on different social media platforms is worth checking out. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Surprising content: more people are likely to share something unexpected.
  • Inspirational/feel-good videos: anything that engages positive emotions is likely to reach the masses.
  • Content relating to current affairs has the best chance of being picked up by news outlets, which will attract cross-network traffic across multiple platforms.
  • The Most Popular Universal Niches: travel, fitness, pets, luxury, motivation, food
  • The niches that do best on instagram: travel, fitness, comedy, motivation, luxury, quotes, fashion.
  • Best on Facebook: comedy videos
  • Music-type videos do well on YouTube

Read on below for Oliver’s 5 top strategies and tactics to grow a social media following. Note especially, his comments about hashtags, geo-tagging and attracting high-engaging followers.

1) Cross-promote to grow your following

  • If you’re using Facebook, Snapchat,Twitter, YouTube or another platform, you’ll want to give maximum coverage to your Instagram page.
  • You can do this with shout-outs, screenshots in Snapchat stories, and embedding your username logo in Facebook and YouTube videos.

2) Ensure you maximize the use of hashtags *****

  • Hashtags are one of the most important features of Instagram.
  • They ensure your content is exposed to a larger audience.
  • Using the right hashtags will increase your potential for new likes, followers, and engagement.
  • Focus on specific and less-crowded hashtags
  • Make sure you use the 30-hashtag limit on all posts.
  • Stay away from obvious and well-known keyword hashtags, as your post is unlikely to be seen due to the saturated world of well-known keywords.

3) Geo-tag in Instagram stories

  • The introduction of Instagram geo-tags in stories has introduced a new way to grow your page.
  • Adding your specific location to your story could lead to your story appearing in the location’s specific page story, thereby increasing your exposure to new followers using this unique strategy.

4) Follow high-engaging followers *****

  • Not many people use this unique strategy but it is very effective.
  • Find the top 20 popular accounts in your specific niche, or go to the recent posts when searching popular hashtags and follow all the people who engage with the content.
  • Using this method, you can attract high-engaging followers to your account, which will enable your account to grow much more effectively.

5) Strategic shout-outs (S4S)

  • Find accounts in the same niche as you are and ask if they are interested in s4s or in other words shout-out for shout-out.
  • By using the Instagram DM, Telegram or Kik apps, you can find many accounts in your specific niche.
  • You can also make use of “powerlikes” from much larger accounts, if you build a solid relationship with the account owners of these 1m+ pages.
  • Or you can offer to promote them on another platform, by leveraging your following on other networks.

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