Theme Park Trends: on-ride shareable videos are coming


Shareable on-ride theme park videos aren’t common yet but developers are working on new versions with higher-definition video, more camera angles and more sophisticated editing. One of the most intriguing is TapeMyDay, a Dutch company which captures video of visitors who have opted in for the service throughout the entire duration of their stay in a theme park, using face recognition technology to identify when they are on camera. At the end of the visit the system automatically edits a souvenir video, combining clips from all of the rides with panoramic shots and other highlights of the day, logos and possible sponsor messages. The video can later be downloaded from a website for sharing through social media.

This video then becomes a souvenir of the entire visit, not just a single ride. This same technology is likely to find applications in other tourist markets, and even sporting events, where a ready-to-use souvenir video is going to be appealing to many consumers. It will allow consumers to enjoy their stay without having to hold a camera all day, while creating new revenues that didn’t exist before.

I’m not a big theme park ride fan but these new videos from TapeMyDay sound really cool.  I’ve watched some of their videos on youtube and where it really stands out is on crazy, scary rides where you couldn’t take any pictures. I find it less interesting on slower rides.

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