One More Reason to Love Bushwick: Amazing Street Art Murals


  • This past weekend’s trip to Bushwick for brunch at Carthage Must Be Destroyed also yielded a quick update on all the cool large scale street art murals in the neighborhood. I haven’t been out there in a while so not sure which are new (if any).
  • But, new or not, they are fabulous and definitely worth a trip. Almost any street you amble down will be awash in murals. And in reviewing my photos, I am clearly a fan of Kremen Art. He appears to specialize in wild animals – monkeys (above) as well as tigers and ostriches!
  • Streets I know we definitely hit up included Bogart near Ten Eyck and Meserole at Waterbury.
  • We could not make out the names of some of the artists. Should anybody reading this have correct names for attribution – let me know, I will definitely add.

See below for more photos and video.

Truck by Federico “Iena Cruz” Massa

Door piece commissioned by Dave Tattoos;  Wall on right by TNS (The Non Stoppers)

Kremen Art

Matthew Denton Burrows

Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Building on right: Nepo Art

Kremen Art

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