Own The Room: Best and Most Fun Communication Training Ever


Having such a good time while you’re learning is almost a crime. But I absolutely had one of the best days ever attending OTR’s Core: Base 1-Day Program last week.

Here’s the deal:

  •  Your fellow attendees will be amazing (I am having drinks with 2 of my new pals as soon as I get back from Paris in early November)
  • The OTR coaches are fantastic (supportive and challenging) and you will leave with your presentation game dialed up multiple notches.
  • What makes it fun? It’s totally interactive, you’re never sitting still for more than 10 minutes, the coaches switch out frequently which makes for a fresher experience, they also use extremely powerful examples to make us aware of the bad habits we need to drop. There was not one moment when I was bored (and I have a pretty short attention span).
  • There is a lot of videotaping which is hard to watch but as your coaches will tell you, repeatedly, it teaches you to  “get over yourself.” The video above, btw, was from the start of the day. They get you to do some pretty wacky stuff but it’s good. I’m not including my last video of the day because I did not “stick the landing” as I hoped I would.
  • The 3 biggest takeaways for me have been: 1. edit out language that dilutes my message (e.g. ums, so, “like”), 2. grab the audience’s attention from the first moment with a compelling story or visual, and 3. always “stick the landing” (as a gymnast would do).
  • You will walk away learning something new and valuable no matter how frequently you do presentations – or speak at meetings. Even pros like Tony Robbins have taken OTR’s more advanced classes.

OTR offers classes globally. They also do training programs for individual companies.

Big shout out to our coaches, all three were fantastic:

Invaluable day. If you want to improve your speaking and storytelling skills and develop a greater executive presence, sign up NOW.

Read on below for more details on the day.


Whether you want to convey a higher level of executive presence, overcome nervousness, or use more powerful body language, Own The Room CORE: Base helps you transform your communication skills to become a more confident speaker and leader, better able to influence, motivate and sell.

Key Takeaways from Own The Room CORE: Base

  • Executive Presence and Connect First: Understand the basic brain science of how we send and receive information; then use it to engage your audience, impress your boss, or wow your clients.
  • Be Memorable: Captivate your audience, ensuring they remember your message, and unlock your creativity while remaining professional.
  • Voice Modulation and Non-Verbal Communication: Make your message stronger using your voice and gestures.
  • Power of Stories: Learn to tell powerful stories in business; say more with fewer words and convey your message through compelling storytelling.

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