Parenting trends for 2016

100babies, the world’s largest online destination for care, uses their internal data as well as their community of parents to monitor how attitudes and parenting styles are changing. These trends caught my eye.

Big year-over-year increases in job posts for professional nannies and caregivers with special pedigrees, including college degrees (+25%) and CPR/First Aid (+55%). Parents increasingly seeking caregivers with child psychology backgrounds as well.

Full-fledged care teams: The “rich and famous” won’t be the only ones organizing a “care team” to watch over kids during the work week. Families might have two nannies, leading to more flexibility and variety for kids.

More moms-to-be having midwives: Midwives attended 6% more hospital births.

Daughters carrying on family name: Parents no longer just have first sons continue the family name; many daughters are named after their mothers surname.

Old-man names for boys/vintage names for girls: e.g. Clyde, Otto, Harold, Warren, Alfred for boys; Marigold, Lily, Primrose, Bluebell and Daisy for girls.

The link to all 16 parenting trends from and, here.


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