Peaches are all the rage – and it’s not just a summer-thing anymore

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Peaches are showing up everywhere. While some menu items are seasonal, I believe peaches will become more popular year round.

Checked out Bruno Pizza last nite to try their peach pie.  Whoa – absolutely delicious!! I am going back twice this week to get more of that amazing country ham and peaches pizza !!! And they have a great wine list as well – so definitely 5 stars for Bruno Pizza! (204 East 13th Street East Village, NYC).

In doing more research on the peach trend, I found them on menus around the country. I was particularly intrigued by some great spots in Dallas (the roasted peaches and burrata at Fireside Pies sounds awesome). Grilling peaches is a big thing too because it makes not so great peaches more flavorful. Peaches are also showing up in beer e.g. Epic Brewing’s Brainless with organic peach puree and in fragrance oils and candles (candlescience). It’s also one of the most popular flavors for vapers.

Bottom line: peaches get a thumbs up – a bona fide trend.

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