Personalized Kit Kat Omiyage: This is an Awesome Vending Machine


This is killing me. Why doesn’t Nestle do this kind of cool stuff in the States?

Per Japan Trends, Nestlé Japan has installed a new vending machine in Kyoto that lets you create personalized Japanese Kit Kat chocolates.

  • The Travel Memories Kit Kat vending machine is located inside the Omiyage Kaido (Souvenir Highway) JR Kyoto Station for a limited time only.
  • It lets customers buy a box of Kit Kat chocolates in a matcha green tea flavor that also comes in packaging personalized with their own photos.
  • The vending machine can connect with customers’ phones to print their choice of photo on the box.
  • The back of the packaging is designed like a postcard, so you can write an address on the back, add a postage stamp, and then mail it from the vending machine.
  • The whole process takes about 5 minutes and costs less than $4.
  • The promotion runs from November 2nd until mid-April 2018.

See more below on Omiyage culture which is huge in Japan – as well as more photos of the Kit Kat boxes.

Per Quest For Japan, here’s a great explanation of omiyage culture vs. souvenirs:

So what is an Omiyage?

Well, most westerners will literally translate it to souvenirs but it’s a bit different. Souvenirs are mostly bought for oneself as a memorabilia for a certain place one has visited – things we collect as memories for trips we went to.

Whereas, an omiyage is intended to be given – maybe to your family, friends or workmates.

Another difference is that most omiyage are edible and closely associated with the history and locally produced products of that area, souvenirs on the other hand most often are small items such as key chains, magnets or anything small that will serve as a souvenir.

The concept of omiyage is not only limited to this but it is also used in business travels as well. Employees always bring omiyage with them when they are on a business trip – a way to make an impression or a gesture of goodwill.


Photos of Kit Kat Omiyage


kit kat box personalized with photos of you and friends

Box can be mailed as a gift to friends

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