Pop Up Grocer: Great For Branding And Discovery

Pop Up Grocer is not really for shopping (they don’t even list prices). But it is where you’ll find hordes of cool millennial influencers Instagramming the heck out of the trendiest new snack food brands.

It opened this past Friday for a 30-day run in my neighborhood (208 Bowery).

It’s the brainchild of brand marketing guru Emily Schildt, formerly of Chobani. Kudos to her for putting a very clever new spin on “discovery.”

With Pop Up Grocer she’s specifically curating emerging brands (oftentimes ones for whom she is consulting). All the brands in the store must fit the following criteria:

  • Have a brand story
  • Be creative and interesting
  • Meet specific nutritional standards: responsibly sourced, sugar-conscious, nothing artificial

Currently, there are plans for a pop-up in Los Angeles in February 2020 and two more planned in Austin and Denver for later next year.

And it is cash-free which, as you know, is a major plus when I go shopping.

Bottom Line.

I walked out of there thinking WOW! Pop Up Grocer is the love child of by CHLOE (the very popular plant-based take-out restaurant for millennials) and Story (retail superstar Rachel Schechtman’s creatively-themed store, recently acquired by Macy’s).

Scroll down for pics from opening day.

Pics of Pop Up Grocer from opening day
Store Design/Aesthetics: lots of color, well-organized, snack-oriented

Merchandise/Packaging/ Fixtures
Who shops there? – Millennials!! Mainly young women.

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