Pop-Up Stores Get More and More Creative: Especially in Shanghai

Heecaa tea pop up and the Breakup Flowers pop up (for Valentine’s Day)


My neighborhood in lower Manhattan is ground zero for pop-ups. The newest this past week was Sprayground (pics below).

But I have not seen anything that resembles the kind of offbeat and irreverent pop-ups showing up in Shanghai for everything from food to cosmetics, flowers to beverages e.g. the “Life Sucks” café.

  • Pop-ups in China are expected to see a tenfold increase to 3,000 stores by 2020.
  • The majority will be in major cities where tech-savvy young consumers are into exploring new ideas and products.


  • ORZ Cha (translates to “Life Sucks”): Opened in May as a counter force to Heecaa Tea Shop 喜茶, whose Chinese name means “happy tea.”
  • ORZ Cha instantly garnered buzz on the Chinese internet with its unusual selection of tea offerings, including oolong for those whose life is a total failure, black tea latte for those who keep gaining weight, and green tea for those who work overtime a lot but never get their salaries increased.
  • Breakup, a pop-up flower shop ONLY open for one day: May 20th which is China’s Valentine’s Day.
  • How can you not love this super cheeky and sarcastic concept? And apparently the pronunciation of “breakup” is similar to “I love you” in Mandarin.

More pics below:

Long lines for “life sucks” tea

Breakup flower pop up


SPRAYGROUND @ 39 Spring Street, Soho (week of 8/21)


Handpainted mannequins

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